Luc FETLER. M.D, PhD, Senior Researcher
Institut Curie "Physical - Chemistry Curie", CNRS UMR 168, France.

Dr. Luc FETLER, is a senior researcher in the physical chemistry department of the Institut Curie. He obtained his M.D. in 1989. As a physician, he was involved for several years in a genetic study on familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, contributing to the discover of several new mutations. As a graduate student in biochemistry he worked with Alain Prochiantz on region specific factors secreted by astrocytes initiating the elongation of different categories of neurites. Getting more interested in structural aspects of protein interactions he started a Ph.D. (1995) on the cooperative structure transition of the allosteric ATCase enzyme with Dr. Guy Hervé
and Dr. Patrice Vachette, permitting to obtain new insights on nucleotide regulation mechanisms and to show that some solution structures of this multidomain protein differed from those obtained by crystallography. After appointment by the INSERM in 1997, he devoted a three year period to investigate the epigenetic transformations of Ure2p, a yeast analogue
of mammalian prions by biophysical means. In 2000, he joined the Institut Curie starting to work on non-linear microscopy techniques and cellular interactions. His main interests concern T lymphocyte and dendritic cell interactions and migration, especially
in vivo as visualized by non-linear microscopy, in collaboration with Dr. Sebastian Amigorena.