Alejandro MAZAL. PhD.
Institut Curie - Protontherapy Center, Paris, France.

Alejandro Mazal, Elec.Eng., M.Sc, Ph.D. is the director of the new project of protontherapy in Orsay, France and medical physicist at Institut Curie, in Paris. After studies on engineering and medical physics in Argentina, Dr. Mazal  earned a Master's and a Ph.D. in Toulouse and Paris, working on stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy of intracranial targets, before becoming permanent staff at Institut Curie. He was in charge of setting the first centre of high energy protontherapy in Orsay (1991), based on a synchrocyclotron previously devoted to physics research, treating today one of the highest number of patients per year in Europe in ocular melanomas and base of the skull tumors. More recently he spent a sabbatical year at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. His main fields of interest are dosimetry, patient positioning, treatment planning, radiation protection, logistics and related subjects on high precision radiation oncology, mainly for intracranial and ophthalmic tumours including paediatrics. His work is oriented towards a full integration between hadrontherapy and other approaches in radiation oncology using external beams of photons and electrons as well as brachytherapy. His team developed the first prototypes of robotic patient positioning systems that are now being adopted by other projects and the industry.