Bertrand TAVITIAN, M.D.
CEA "Imagerie de l'expression des gènes", INSERM U 803, France

Bertrand Tavitian studied medicine in Paris and Biochemistry at the Ecole Normale Supérieure. He became a teacher in Biochemistry & Physiology in 1982 and received his MD in 1985.
He joined the Life Science Division of the CEA in 1987 in Saclay to study the neurobiology of axonal transport. In 1990 he founded the ‘New Tracers’ team in the newly created Inserm unit 334 ‘Neurobiology-Imaging interface’ at the CEA in Orsay, where he developed neurochemistry applied to Positron Emission Tomography. In 1996 he began a research program on oligonucleotide imaging which has been going on since. In 2001 he created the Inserm Unit 803 ‘In vivo molecular imaging’ which he has been heading since. The main areas of research of
his team are molecular imaging of experimental cancer and neurological animal models using nuclear and optical imaging techniques.
Bertrand Tavitian was a laureate of the Faculty of Medicine of Paris. He received the Prize
of the American Nuclear Society, Special Award for Nuclear Techniques in Medical Diagnosis and Treatment in 1999, and the Great Scientific Prize EUROCANCER in 2005. He is coordinator
of the EMIL (European Molecular Imaging Laboratories) Network and President of the European Society for Molecular Imaging.