Dr. H.E. Jean-David LEVITTE
Embassy of France in the USA

Jean-David Levitte is French Ambassador to the United States, appointed by President Jacques Chirac in December 2002. Since his first postings in Hong Kong and Beijing in the early 1970’s, Ambassador Levitte has pursued a distinguished and outstanding career in the French Foreign Service. He served on the staff of two French Presidents : first at the Elysee Palace for President Valery Giscard d’Estaing (1975-1981), then as Senior Diplomatic Adviser to President Jacques Chirac (1995-2000).

He served also as the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Foreign Minister (1986-1998). Prior to his 1995 appointment, Mr Levitte held senior positions in the French Foreign Ministry, first as Assistant Secretary for Asia and subsequently as Undersecretary for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation. In 2000, President Chirac appointed Mr. Levitte French Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Ambassador Levitte graduated from the renowned Institute for Political Studies in Paris and the National School of Oriental Languages, where he studied Chinese and Indonesian. Ambassador Levitte is married to Marie-Cecile Jonas and has two daughters.