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Welcome Address

Levitte H.E. Jean-David LEVITTE
Ambassador of France to the United States of America
Bissel Mina J. BISSELL, Ph.D.
Distinguished Scientist, Life Sciences Division Faculty, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Abrat Benjamin ABRAT, MBA
Co-Founder, General Manager, Mauna Kea, France
In vivo investigation of colorectal cancer
Banchereau Jacques BANCHEREAU, Ph.D.
Director of Baylor Institute for Immunology Research (BIIR), Dallas.
The bright future of Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapy.
Bey Pierre BEY. M.D.,
Head of the Hospital, Institut Curie, France

Thomas BORTFELD, Ph.D.
Director of Physics Research in Radiation Oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Boston.
Intensity-modulated radiation therapy with protons.

Fetler Luc FETLER, M.D., PhD.
Senior Researcher, Institut Curie, France
Imaging in vivo immune responses of T lymphocytes.

Founding Member of the Molecular Imaging Center, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
Real-Time Guidance of Human Surgery using Invisible Light.

Jacks Tyler JACKS. PhD.
Professor, Head of the MIT Center for Cancer Research, Boston
Modeling lung cancer in the mouse.
Johannes Ludger JOHANNES. PhD,
Senior Researcher, Institut Curie, France
Intestinal pathogen-based delivery technology for the development of innovative anti-cancer therapy
Louvard Daniel LOUVARD. PhD,
Head of the Research Center, Institut Curie, France
Mazal Alejandro MAZAL. PhD.
Director of the new project of protontherapy, Institut Curie, France
Hadrontherapy in the hospital, from the lab and the industry
Mitchison Tim MITCHISON. PhD., FRS.,
Hasig Sabbagh Professor of Systems Biology, Harvard Medical School, Boston
New approaches to targeting cell division in Cancer
Perez Franck PEREZ. PhD.
Senior Research, Institut Curie, France
Integrating "-omics" data at the cellular level.
Pommier Pascal POMMIER, M.D, PhD.
Radiation Oncologist, France
The French ETOILE project for carbon ion therapy : medical and economical aspects.
Suit Herman SUIT, M.D, PhD.,
Andres Soriana Distinguished Professor, Massachusetts General Hospital, France
Positive Nuclear Particles in Treatment of Cancer Patients.
Tänter Mickaël TÄNTER. Ph.D.
Research Professor ESPCI, France
Imaging the visco-elastic properties of soft tissues using ultrasound or Magnetic resonance : Towards an improvment of breast cancer diagnosis.
Tavitian Bertrand TAVITIAN. M.D.
Senior Researcher, CEA, France
Molecular imaging with oligonucleotides.